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Top adventure spots for travellers booking flights

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Top adventure spots for travellers booking flights

The whole world is increasingly just a click away for travellers, and exploring adventure travel at can unearth some surprising and exciting ideas for holidays. With destinations across many countries, an adventure holiday and a journey of discovery can be combined for a truly memorable experience. These five options to consider are just a small taste of the range available.

1. Kathmandu, Nepal

For mountain adventures, including trekking, biking, and climbing, it is hard to beat the impressive setting of Nepal. The backdrop includes the Himalayas – often described as "the roof of the world" - with Mount Everest the most representative, famous example of these geological marvels. Medieval Kathmandu is an atmospheric starting point in a country that is well geared towards independent travel. As well as a choice of Himalayan excursions, adventures might include spotting tigers in a national park, whereas for those in search of spiritual nourishment there is no shortage of temples to discover in the Kathmandu valley.

2. Mammoth Mountain, California, USA

Adventurers who want snow sports as part of their mountain experience are sure to be tempted by the prospect of Mammoth Mountain, in the US state of California. Recent snowfall figures have given the resort the reputation of being among those with the most snow on the planet. The ski slopes are well served by ski lifts, of which there are 28, so the picturesque mountainside frequently also offers uncrowded space for winter sports enthusiasts. Cabins and private rental homes are among the accommodation options at the resort.

3. Exmouth, Western Australia

Water sports and oceanic beauty have long been a hallmark of the Australian experience, but the addition of the Ningaloo Reef as a new world heritage site in 2011 has added an extra hot spot for visitors.  The adventures on offer at Exmouth include opportunities to explore the reef, swim with the sharks, or take to land to look for kangaroos in the Cape Range National Park. As a destination, Exmouth is almost exclusively set up as a base for such exploration, and it retains a distinct feeling of the wild.

4. Auckland, New Zealand

The pleasant city of Auckland in New Zealand may not seem at first glance to be a prime destination for adventure hunters, but the area is packed with opportunities for thrill-seeking travellers. New Zealand is the home of bungee jumping, and a controlled jump from Sky Tower or from Auckland Harbour Bridge could start an adrenalin-filled holiday.  Surfing and black-water rafting are among other activities in the region, while the harbour area in Auckland is home to several pleasant restaurants and bars in which to end the day on a more chilled note.

5. Manaus, Brazil

The Amazon rain forest is possibly one of the last wild frontiers on the planet that is open to explorers, and the city of Manaus puts travellers in the heart of things. Jungle excursions can be booked in the city, water sports are plentiful, and sightseeing of waterfalls or looking for jungle and river wildlife should fill any spare time. The city itself is a major port with plentiful facilities, including a busy night-life near the water-front and a full spread of shopping at the city market, Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa.

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