Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bear Necessities - 5 Must Have Items

Bear Necessities - 5 Must Have Items

When you go in to the outdoors, whether it's for a walk in the mountains or climbing in the Himalayas chances are you'll take with you the same basic items in your rucksack on the majority of outings. These are, in general, for safety and often only required when and if something goes wrong. In no particular order 5 pieces of kit I always make sure I have in my rucksack are;
  1. Compass/GPS/Map - These fall in to one category really - Navigation; If you don't know where you're going, when you've come from and where you are then you're likely to be in trouble unless you're exceptionally familiar with the area and aren't too remote.
  2. Knife/Multi-tool - Good in emergencies and handy for cutting up the cheese sandwiches.
  3. First Aid Kit - Vital for any outing in to the outdoors - the size of the kit depends on where you are and what you're doing but the basics are essential - plasters, bandages, pain killers, anti-septics etc.
  4. Food/Water - Spare food and water, along with whatever you require, is essential - you may be forced to stay out on a mountain or in the desert and you'll really want that emergency supply of food and water then. 
  5. Emergency clothing/shelter - Warm and waterproof clothing and some form of shelter is vital for venturing in to the outdoors when the weather can change at any minute. A night on a ridge in your t-shirt wouldn't be too much fun even in Summer. 
In reality there's probably more than 5 items you'd want on any trip in to the hills. These depend on the person and the place but this acts as a guide line if you're taking your first steps in to the enjoyments of the great outdoors. 

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