Friday, 20 July 2012

Disappointment do you deal with it??

I'm quickly realising that pursuing a career in adventure, the outdoors and expeditions will, at least to start with, require a lot of patience, commitment and flexibility.

I'm meant to be in Iceland, crossing the Vatnajokull ice cap from West to East - sadly this had to be cancelled. At the end of this month I was supposed to be off to Afghanistan, sadly I'm no longer needed. I've also just finished university, performing perhaps below how I should have done. That's three big hits of disappointment in quick succession; not particularly easy to deal with!

Yet from these disappointments some positive shine through; I organised an expedition from very little to it being ready to go, which despite the cancellation is good experience. I've graduated from a top university with a good degree and now have a summer free to work for Secret Compass, who are providing amazing opportunities for the future, and Exceed Possibility, which I'm keen to keep improving. I also have the added bonus of a few Olympic tickets! All is not lost.

This August I'm going to try and fit a short (7-10 day) expedition in, as well as totting up some more Mountain Days for my Mountain Leader qualification. Where I'll head I'm not exactly sure just yet; Norway, Poland?? Who knows; I'll decide soon I'm sure! Suggestions welcome - anywhere wild and off the beaten track, preferably Europe!

While disappointments may come in waves there are plenty of exciting opportunities coming my way in the future - I've just got to keep at it, keep plugging away... Keep calm and carry on!


  1. A very brave and honest post - well done!

  2. You'll do it Tom - and are showing all the strengths needed for the life you want to lead.

  3. Keep at it Tom. I've spent ages making what feels like no progress at all but it all counts and I bet that you will have achieved many great things before you've even realised you've done them.

    You're writing good stuff and already showing strong dedication so just hold on and keep going.

  4. Thanks Tim - that means a lot! Exciting times despite the disappointments!

  5. Great post Tom - always keep in mind that 98% of people spend their whole lives indoors in an office, so you're already far ahead of them when it comes to enjoying life.

    - Nick


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