Thursday, 19 July 2012

Boing Inc. Wristband Review

Having recently been contacted by Boing Inc. I was keen to test out their great looking range of bands, designed for wrists, necks and ankles. With a simple, yet good looking design, and an adventurous theme (climbing rope) I was keen to take a closer look and happy to be sent a few to try out.  

On arrival I was immediately impressed. I received the collection of wrist bands shown above, two of a larger width rope (blue and white) and one thinner (black). Arriving in the metal tins shown above, professionally branded with the Boing logo, the mountain goat. Inside the tins were also a thank you for choosing the product and more information about it - a nice little touch that highlighted further the adventurous element of the bands;

"We wish you many happy years wearing your original Boing product whether you are sitting astride a snow-covered mountain, clinging to a catamaran, skiing moguls, loving University life, cycling in the woods or just having a simple picnic in the countryside with friends"

The bands are made of climbing rope/cord and come in a range of colours and sizes, both in terms of rope width and diameter of the band to fit different wrists/ankles/necks. Each end is joined by a smooth magnetic locking system with the Boing logo, something that appears to be built to last and to look good. 

While some outdoor enthusiasts might question their worth - 'If you can't abseil of it why are you carrying it' and all that rubbish, others are likely to be fairly impressed. If you're a fan of jewellery, for both men and women, and are seeking something that should stand up to being jammed in a crack whilst climbing or that can take a hard fall as you tumble from your mountain bike then these seem pretty ideal. 

One drawback was the size of the bands I received - sadly I have relatively small wrists and they are a little bigger than I'd usually prefer - this can obviously be overcome by getting a smaller size. If I were you I'd make contact and ask about the wrists sizes so as not to be disappointed. Despite this I'll still be wearing mine! They also aren't cheap; the wrist bands start at £25 - but, find the correct colour, rope width and wrist size and it's certainly worth it!

Thanks Boing Inc for supplying the wristbands - I'm a big fan!

Check out Boing Inc's website for more:

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