Monday, 9 April 2012

Top 5 adventurous places to visit in the USA

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Adventure is now the name of the game for trips taken by the younger vacationer.  This very popular travel trend offers tourists some thrills to spice up the vacation experience. 

A country the size of the United States can offer adventure travel options to suit any budget and desire, whether you prefer fearsome roller coasters to ride, or some challenging hills to hike, the US has an adventure break for everyone.

The Adventuredome indoor theme park is located in Las Vegas’ Circus Circus and features a huge roller coaster, circus acts and 25 thrilling rides to entertain guests of all ages. The enormous Canyon Blaster roller coaster is the world’s only indoor double-loop corkscrew-shaped roller coaster, and the ride travels at highway speeds, up to 55mph! You can enjoy spacious hotel rooms and great food while cruising the strip, between your visits to the famous Adventuredome.

Everglades National Park

Move over, Mickey Mouse! Wet, wild, and full of toothsome creatures, the Everglades National Park is Florida’s real star attraction. Visitors can hike along the park trails that include boardwalks bridging alligator habitats, or take a tram around Shark Valley and get up-close-and-personal views of the native wildlife.  If close encounters of the gator kind aren’t adventurous enough for you, there’s always nearby Disney Orlando. 

Some tourists prefer their water white and crocodile-free; welcome to the thrilling whitewater rafting along the Colorado River. Crossing several states on its way to the breathtaking Grand Canyon, the Colorado provides world-class whitewater rafting of the hang-on-for-dear-life variety. Less experienced rafters might want to stick closer to the river’s source in Colorado. For a really thrilling ride, book a year in advance and ride the river through the mighty Grand Canyon. Whitewater rafting is an unpredictable and wild ride. Come prepared. You will get wet.

Yosemite National Park

Ready for a slightly less heart stopping, but nonetheless exciting adventure? Head to California’s Yosemite National Park. Yosemite has over 12 miles of paved biking and hiking trails to explore to your heart’s content. Fishing, rock climbing, and wildlife watching are all on the agenda in Yosemite. Mule deer and black bear are commonly spotted, making a Yosemite adventure vacation one to remember. Visitors will find the lodgings exquisite, with clean, spacious rooms located right in the park.

Thrilled by the thought of having chills chased up and down your spine? Whether or not you believe in ghosts, a visit to Fort Mifflin might provide more than just a lesson in Philadelphia’s history. The Fort is located on the property of the only remaining Revolutionary battlefield.  Several ghosts reportedly inhabit the Fort, scaring visitors silly with some eerie appearances.  Said to be the spiritual remains of Elizabeth Pratt, the so-called Screaming Woman is said to haunt the officer’s quarters, grieving loudly for the loss of the men at the fort. Casement 5 seems to be a frequent habitation of a faceless ghost, who wanders the grounds, perhaps looking for something he’s lost… or something he hopes to find.  Be sure of your tour guide when visiting Fort Mifflin. It seems that an entity dubbed “The Tour Guide” by locals, is apt to conduct tours when no guide is scheduled to be working.  Beware!

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