Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Adventure Library

For the last few years the only books I've read have been about travel, advenutres, expeditions and incredible challenges. These have included climbing expeditions, polar expeditions and incredible feats of survival. I'm slowly working at building an adventure library to be proud of.

I'm currently clearing out and organising my bedroom here at home and decided to collect these books together, below are pictures of the majority of them - from the new to the very old.

Some of the older books can be found on the far left; Man of Everest and The Ascent of Everest. The Chris Bonington book above them was originally my father's, I had it signed by Bonington himself in Newcastle last year - I've also got Joe Brown's autograph in a magazine somewhere! The majority are on Everest, several of which focus on Mallory and Irvine's incredible story.

I'll keep adding to the collection as the years go by and get around to reading them all at some point. I'd also love some more of the older books, if you can help then please get in touch. My favourites in the collection include Walking the Amazon by Ed Stafford, Living Dangerously by Ranulph Fiennes, Mountains of the Mind by Robert Macfarlane, Summit Fever by Andrew Greig and Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. I'm currently most of the way through Heinrich Harrer's incredible Seven Years in Tibet.


  1. I find reading about other people's adventures very inspiring. It encourages me to try something myself, if on a much smaller scale.

    Part of the reason I subscribed to your blog, I suppose!

  2. Thanks for your comment Helen!

    It's definitely the best inspiration to get out there and do it yourself :)

    All the best,



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