Monday, 5 March 2012

The Last Days of the Dissertation and the Future!

I've been working away at my dissertation for ages... the question was formulated last May/June, the fieldwork was carried out in August and since then I've beavered away in the laboratories and computer rooms. Now I'm just a couple of hours away from finishing it and handing it in. A few final touches should see it handed in tomorrow before a well earned pint or two.

This marks the first step in finishing university and graduating, after this there's just an exam, an essay or two and a few presentations before finishing in June.

From there I want to go in to the outdoor/adventure world, hopefully spending a couple of years gaining as much experience as possible, gaining my Mountain Leader and writing.

The blog's been quiet as of late, due to the dissertation's work load so apologies for that. I'll try and up the tempo a bit after this week!

Skiing for a week from Saturday then hopefully on expedition in Iraq at the end of the month!

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