Sunday, 5 February 2012

Banff Film Tour = Awesome

On Friday night, as I mentioned, I drove across to Whitley Bay for the Banff Mountain Film Festival UK Tour. We were treated to eight films throughout the evening; with a great turn out and buzzing atmosphere it was set to be a great evening.

The evening started with COLD, Freedom Chair, Second Nature and Kadoma in the first half before From the Inside Out, Hanuman Airlines, All I Can and On Assignment: Jimmy Chin in the second. Here is more information on each of the films.  

Having seen three of the eight before, and a part of All I Can, I knew what to expect for the most part, but seeing Cold and Kadoma, two incredible films, again was great. Hanuman Airlines was also a great watch and showed the incredible Sherpa people at their best. Freedom Chair was another film that really took me; watching an incredibly successful skier's journey from paralysis to becoming a sit-ski Olympian - really inspiring.

I was really pleased to see so many people turn up, from your sticking-out-like-a-sore-thumb-only-wear-climbing-gear climbers to young kids and trendy skiers. The atmosphere was great throughout the evening! If you have a chance to catch the tour on one of its many legs then I'd highly recommend it! for dates and more information.

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