Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Rowing the Atlantic

British Adventurers Mark Beaumont and Alastair Humphreys happen to have both set off to row the Atlantic with their fellow crew members in the last day or two. Humphreys will be in a crew of four, 3 Brits and 1 Slovenian, while Beaumont is in a crew of six, hoping to break the 30 day mark to cross the Atlantic Ocean and set a World Record.

Both have cycled around the world and taken part in a heap of other challenging expeditions, it will be great to follow both across the wide, empty expanse of the Atlantic over the next few months (Al Humphreys will be going for longer with a smaller crew). Hopefully both succeed in their goals and are safe on their journey across the pond.

Follow Mark Beaumont and his team here: http://www.atlantic-odyssey.com/

Follow Al Humphreys and his team here: http://www.transatlantik.si/eng

The British have a strong history in Ocean Rowing and these two are certainly carrying that on across the Atlantic, with Sarah Outen set to tackle the Pacific in a few months it's a good time for British Ocean Rowing!

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