Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lance Armstrong is a Fraud..

Well... he may be. Let's be honest, in terms of performance enhancing drugs, which cyclist wasn't taking them in the late 90's and early 00's. Did it just so happen that one man made the most miraculous recovery from Cancer, became super human fit (fit enough to smash drug taking cyclists) and incredibly consistent in a time where the sport was over run by drugs, without taking drugs himself??

I highly doubt it...

People rave on about him and Livestrong.. a charity which, according to this Outside article, hasn't given any money to research in years and no longer takes grant proposals. It seems to me that when the word 'Livestrong' is uttered most people think of Lance Armstrong, not cancer. The company is his, everything to do with it revolves around him, even the colour - yellow after the Tour de France's Yellow Jersey. Is Livestrong just a way of boosting the profile of a drug taking cheat??

People will say prove he took drugs... but why don't I just say... prove he didn't...

Will Lance Armstrong ever come clean, will we ever really know, will Livestrong make any impact on Cancer research and finding a cure - I highly doubt it. I'd donate my money elsewhere if I wanted to make a difference.

This will certainly stir some kind of response....


  1. What a wonderfully written, fact filled post. I really like all of the citations and evidence you brought forth.
    Oh wait, I must've been thinking of another article that clearly wasn't written by someone with the intelligence of a 6 year old.
    In conclusion, I will just say this: You sir, are an idiot.

  2. That's big from someone who posts as 'anonymous'. If you're going to make a wise-ass remark then you might have the balls to do it in the open. If not...I'll question your intelligence..

  3. P.S. Luckily I can wallow in the success of this blog, write it openly and not ever have to think again of this comment :)

  4. I gave up on pro cycling. All the top riders have to be doping anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

  5. It's improving nowadays! Thanks for the comment :)


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