Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hans Kammerlander - Second 7 Summits

Just days ago Hans Kammerlander became the first person ever to climb the Second 7 Summits, the second highest peak on each continent. This is arguably a more difficult achievement than the 7 summits itself due to the severity of some of the peaks.

Earlier this week Kammerlander climbed Mt. Tyree, the second highest peak in Antarctica at 4,824 metres and a summit reached by only 7 others before him, completing his haul of the second highest peaks on each continent. Having climbed K2 in 2001, the second highest mountain in the world as well one of the most deadly and most challenging, Hans Kammerlander decided to aim for the Second 7 summits knowing that no person had achieved the incredible feat before him. Despite the little attention this has received this is an incredible achievement and makes mountaineering history. 

Mt Tyree and Hans Kammerlander

Congratulations to Hans Kammerlander, what an incredible achievement, when will we next see someone complete the Second 7 Summits?!


  1. Impressive! I had no idea that no-one had ever done that before.


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