Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cycling to the Pole, kind of.

A while ago I wondered about cycling to the Pole, had it been done, was it possible and all that.. apparently it's been attempted before and now presenter Helen Skelton is combining it with skiing and snow kiting to travel 500 miles to the South Pole. 

The expedition has had a lot of bad comments, mainly due to false claims, over exaggerations etc - what annoyed me was Ranulph Fiennes' comment:

"Like Captain Scott, Helen is attempting something that has never been tried before”

Technically true, she is doing something never tried before by combining all three but REALLY, can you compare one of the greatest Arctic Explorers to a TV presenter with truck loads of support?? Ranulph Fiennes will say anything nowadays!

Despite this..the best of luck to Helen and the team, I hope they raise a huge amount for the incredible charity that is Sport Relief.

Read more on the BBC:

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