Monday, 5 December 2011

Sun Kosi Riverboarding Success

Adventure fanatic, guide and instructor Huw Miles got in touch earlier today to report back on an expedition I interviewed him about a while ago. Huw and his team set out to Riverboard the Sun Kosi and Tamur rivers, a world first and the trip of a lifetime; thankfully they were successful and all returned safely!

"It takes a special team to accomplish what we managed on the Sun Kosi
and Tamur Rivers. It was physically grueling, there was illness,
injuries, huge water, surfing, laughter, nerves and more crazy 
shenanigans on and off the river than you can shake a stick at. I 
wouldn't change a moment of it. We have pulled off a daring world's 
first. Nobody can ever take that away from us. It's still sinking in 
but we are all humbled by this epic adventure, grateful to have come 
through it unscathed and incredibly proud of what we have achieved and 
the manner in which we did it."

Well done to Huw Miles and his Riverboarding team on completing their successful expedition to Nepal. More to come in the next few weeks - pictures, videos and more!

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