Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Stone Monkey Hoody Review

The recent chilly weather has marked the start of Winter as we know it. I'm up in Newcastle at the moment; it's cold, it's windy and it will snow any day - I need to keep warm. To help me keep warm, and to test out a product for them, Stone Monkey sent me a hoody, the red 'Ranulph Hoody' (probably named after a certain Adventurous man with the same name...).

Stone Monkey is a fashionable clothing manufacturer aimed at the outdoors type; not everyone who climbs, walks and spends their life in the outdoors need dress in their waterproofs and walking boots 24/7! For both men and women they have a range of clothing from hoodies and t-shirts to shorts and trackies, they also have a range of bags, wallets and accessories.

I was keen to try out the hoody as soon as it arrived, both wearing it around the house and out and about in the outdoors. The material was immediately very soft, it has remained so after washing too. The design is nicely done and isn't too 'in your face', the fit is very comfortable. My only concern is the size of the hood - it's absolutely massive, you'd happily fit a few people's heads in here! Saying that...it is nice and cosy and the hoody hasn't failed to keep me warm yet. It is very heavy weight; perfect for the winter but when it comes to the Summer and there is a bit of a chill I'd prefer something slightly thinner.

Overall I was very impressed, whether the brand catches on depends on the outdoors market - companies such as The North Face sell similar hoodies that are good looking, many people may prefer to go for one of them. If, however, you're looking for something well made, different from everyone else in the outdoors and want to look good I couldn't recommend Stone Monkey more highly. Fashion has needed to hit the outdoors world for a while; Stone Monkey is joining the joining the fight for casual fashionable clothing for the outdoors; thanks Stone Monkey!

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