Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nepal Riverboarding Expedition Update

A few days ago I told you all about the Sun Kosi Riverboarding Success - the successful Riverboarding expedition led by Huw Miles on the Sun Kosi river in Nepal, a world first expedition. Following a press release Huw has sent me some more information and some awesome photos, there's also a teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary on the expedition.

The team of 10, aged between 26 and 32, headed out to Nepal hoping to achieve a world first, riverboarding some of Asia's wildest water on the Sun Kosi and Tamur Rivers, 280km and 35km travelled along each respectively. Using boards similar to those used at the beach, little more than 10 cm thick, the team battled against raging water to achieve their world first expedition. Along with their support team they worked their way down the rivers in a mentally and physically draining battle to highlight how great the growing sport of Riverboarding, around since the 1980s, is and to show that ground breaking expeditions can still take place it today's world. 

Check out the teaser trailer on the Nepal Riverboarding Expedition 2011 Facebook page - definitely a great taste of a promising film to come which is being made with the help of a BBC producer and will be airing at adventure film festivals across the world. Check out for more on Riverboarding and Huw Miles.


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