Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Heart of the Great Alone

Today my Father and I spend the day in the Natural History Museum, the Royal Geographical Society and finally Buckingham Palace; we didn't pop in to visit Liz, we were there for the Heart of the Great Alone exhibition.

A huge collection of original photographs and artifacts from Shackleton and Scott's expeditions are on display. I'd seen many of the photos already and knew both great stories back to front, I was still in awe of what I saw. The incredible photographs of Ponting et al are breath taking, up there with photographs taken with the modern cameras of today. Slowly walking around my need to go to the Antarctic grew even more - what struck me most was seeing Scott's Union Jack. Having been given it by the King, Scott wanted to take it to the Pole, he succeeded but the flag only made it home when a search party found the bodies, and the flag. It comes at the end of the exhibition and is a fitting finale to a great hour or two out - well worth a visit!

Scott's Union Jack

More info on the exhibition: here. Please do go, it's well worth it!

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