Sunday, 11 December 2011

Exceed Possibility's First Birthday

Today marks a year since I started Exceed Possibility in a bid to vent my love for the adventure and outdoors world and start on the road to a career in this area. The past year has been incredible, led to many opportunities and taught me a huge amount.

The first year's statistics:

- 12,595 hits
- 49 hits per day average
- 280 Posts
Most Visited Post
- Most traffic from, then
- Majority of visits from the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and visits from places as obscure as Korea and Fiji.

- 1,044 followers on Twitter
- 2,495 tweets

Over the year I've written about a wide range of adventures as well as taken a few trips myself including skiing in the Alps, fieldwork in Iceland, Trekking in Morocco and 5 weeks paddling 1,120 miles of the Mississippi with Dave Cornthwaite, I also started running and ran a half marathon in 1 hour, 40 minutes and 38 seconds and a 10k in 44 minutes, 45 seconds. I featured in Men's Fitness, am about to have an article in the Adventure Travel Magazine and attended events such as Adventure Travel Live, RGS Explore and travelled to Germany for the invite-only Gore-Tex Blogger's Summit.

Thanks to everyone who's read the blog, regularly visits it and has helped me out in any way!

Happy First Birthday Exceed Possibility, here's to many more!


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