Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Adventurous Ambition

Ambition; you either have it or you don't - if you have ambition you can either chase it or be content in letting it slide away while you don't really do anything to achieve your goal. Similar to my Courage poster, mentioned a while back, I have an Ambition poster on my wall, while it's not a great picture I feel it's important to have ambition; in my case adventurous ambition.

I want to do things that very few have done, I want to raise awareness for issues critical to everyone, I want to go to places very few see yet I'm surrounded by people who apparently have no ambition in life past getting a degree and a job; I don't want to criticise this way of thinking....but I suppose I am! I have chosen to vent my ambition for adventure through this blog and hopefully later in life through my career.

No time is too early to start dreaming and no time is too early to start realising your ambition, or goal, in life - slowly but surely I feel I'm getting my foot on to the first rung of the ladder. I've travelled more of the world than many, been on various adventures and I went on my first major expedition this summer, I'm now planning an expedition for next Summer - both chilly Svalbard and the boiling Sinai Peninsula are realistic options; I'm free to pick and choose as I wish!

Why do some people lack ambition? Isn't it important for everyone? I understand people having different ambitions in life but to have none, or very little, seems a shame. I feel like I'm very ambitious, if you'd like to help me realise my ambition, and know a thing or two about polar or desert journeys, then please get in touch, or if you're looking for expedition team mates from next Summer then please give me a shout! If this post feels like I'm bigging myself up and overly critical of others it certainly isn't meant to!


  1. I totally see where you are coming from and just don't understand people who have no drive or ambition. I once got rid of an ex boyfriend for that very reason. I just felt like he was dragging me down. Now that I am over 30, the only ambition all my 'friends' have is to pop a couple of kids out, while I'm planning my next adventure. I have small ambitions too - learn a new skill, do something fun and new a month, but I also have bigger long-term goals. I really admire you and wish I had as much get up and go when I was a student!

  2. Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for commenting, and the kind words!

    Having ambitions, no matter how large, is great! I'd be bored If I had no real goals!



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