Saturday, 15 October 2011

Gore-Tex Blogger's Summit: Saturday

Today has simply been great; I've not only learnt a whole load about Gore-Tex and its new Active Shell but also about the outdoor blogging world. I probably picked up more tips today than I have in the past 10 months!

After an early breakfast we headed to the Gore offices here to the South of Munich; over the morning and through till early afternoon we were told about the laboratory work that goes in to testing Gore-Tex products before being taught all about the Active Shell, how it's made, why it has been made and more - we also got a great lunch! The Active Shell is specifically designed for 'done in a day' activities; high speed and high tempo exercise such as speed climbing, trail running or rides on the bike. The jacket, being as light and comfortable as it is, appears to be perfect for these activities from first impression.

In the afternoon we took an hour long walk in the Bavarian Alps, not far from the Gore offices and our hotel. We had a chance to try out our jacket and learn even more while in the field. Our walk led to a hill top restaurant where we were treated to a talk by the very impressive Benedikt Bohm; MD of Dynafit and Ski Mountaineer who's climbed several 8,000m peaks. After a great meal and a few Bavarian beers we headed down in the dark, got the coach back to the hotel and here I am!

What a great day - Gore are keen to get involved in the blogging world, we can help them as much as they can help all of us outdoor/adventure bloggers. This event seems to be the start of something, what the future will bring I don't know but it seems exciting. I've met some great people and hopefully some contacts I'll maintain in to the future.

More on the event, the Active Shell Jjacket and Benedikt Bohm coming in the next few days - tomorrow I'll be back to England!


  1. Hello Tom
    Enjoy your jacket, I certainly do like mine. It was good meeting you at the Event.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Hi Alex, thanks for commenting.

    I love the jacket; I'm looking forward to using it more in a variety of conditions.



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