Monday, 24 October 2011

The Art of Flight Review

Yesterday evening was spent with my jaw firmly pressed to the floor watching the latest Red Bull Media House film; The Art of Flight, following a group of snowboarders as they travel the world riding down impossibly steep slopes. The camera work is what makes this film jaw-droppingly good; slow motion clips mixed with incredible angles and a sound track to fuel anyone's adrenaline supply.

The opening twenty minutes saw the eight or so of us watching the film, on a nice big tv and speakers set to full volume, in absolute awe - for the hour or more that followed nothing changed; I haven't seen a better adventure/outdoor film before! If the snowboarding was filmed on a cheap little hand held camera the clips would be impressive; the fact this is filmed using the most expensive, effective, technology on offer makes for a mouth watering feast for the eyes! This film made the group of us immediately want to hit the slopes, whether skiing or snowboarding we wanted to get out there in the fresh powder, even if we don't have a cool looking Red Bull helicopter to ferry us about!

I wrote about The Art of Flight a while ago, when the trailer came out; below is the trailer, warning - it will lead to you spending money and watching the full film within minutes. Sadly the only place I've found the DVD for sale was charging £30; whether I take this option or the £8 download on iTunes I'm not sure yet!


  1. That is stunning. Incredible editing. Thanks for posting!

  2. No problem - check out the film, it's well worth it!


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