Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dave Cornthwaite's Epic Mississippi Paddle

As many of you will know just days ago Dave Cornthwaite completed his source to sea journey along the Mississippi River by Stand Up Paddleboard - part of which (1,120 miles) I paddled with him. Dave became the second person to do this (within just a few weeks of each other, the first of whom did it supported by a boat!) and broke the record for the longest journey by Stand Up Paddleboard!

Dave summed the trip up well in his newsletter:

We did it! Last Friday at 17:50pm, I reached the Gulf of Mexico having paddled 2404 miles down the Mississippi River, a world record for the longest distance travelled by Stand Up Paddleboard. 1,282,133 paddlestrokes in 68 days of paddling. 2 world records. 9 Alligators & 16 snakes. 119 people joined my journey, in total gathering 5475 Blue Miles and prompting a likening of the journey to Forrest Gump!

My huge congratulations goes out to Dave, it really was an awesome expedition - one that I personally loved but I know that thousands others followed and were in awe of. Check out the highlights video below to get a little taste of what Dave was doing.

Check out to see what's next!


  1. I was glad to have played a small part.

  2. A huge number of people played their part - it really was incredible!


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