Monday, 15 August 2011

We're Walking in Memphis

This afternoon we arrived in Memphis, Tennessee, and I came to the end of my portion of this fantastic Mississippi River Stand Up Paddleboard expedition. We were joined this morning by over 20 local paddlers to travel the last 20 miles in to the city; these lovely people were in canoes, kayaks and on Stand Up Paddleboards - we took it slow and had a laugh!

Planes flew over doing stunts, a helicopter did a fly past and we arrived in to Memphis to four TV crews and a police escort in to the marina to store our boards - what a day for Dave Cornthwaite's expedition and a last day for myself.

The whole adventure has been a blast; there were one or two tears in my eyes as we closed in on the end of the paddle. I've learned a huge amount and will benefit hugely from this experience.

This is just a quick post but tomorrow and in the following days and weeks I'll have plenty to tell you about the trip; I've got plenty of things I want to write and I've decided to focus the blog more and more on the writing than just information about adventure. I'll also start the mini book about the trip in the next week or so, I'm home Tuesday night!

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