Thursday, 4 August 2011

St. Louis has arrived!

I'm currently sitting in a little cafe in a nice area of St.Louis, Missouri! We've made it! This is a major point in the expedition for both Dave and I as there are no more locks and we experienced the Missouri coming in late yesterday afternoon - we reached 9 1/2 miles per hour yesterday; wow! The next couple of weeks down to Memphis are going to be a thrill ride, with slightly more dangers but a heck of an experience.

Yes, that flag is...MASSIVE

For the past 10/11 days I've had the opportunity to paddle Solo as Dave and I separated to do our own thing; this mainly acted as a great learning experience for me. Solo paddling, solo camping and controlling my own experiences was the aim and I certainly experienced a lot - it was awesome. I met a whole load of people, was bought lunch several times, put up in peoples bars, cabins and gardens and got a taste of solo expeditions. I'm really grateful to Dave for giving me the opportunity; much of the experience I covered with film and this will turn in to a video in the coming weeks for you all to see; lots of me talking about my experiences and feelings. 

At times it was lonely but then I'd realise I was paddling alone along one of the mightiest rivers the world has to offer, I wasn't sitting at home on my ass wasting away my summer holidays - I was living life to the full; the best way to do it. 

Dave and I are back paddling together now which is great, I've learnt a lot and want to implement it in to the next two weeks or so, throwing myself completely in to expedition life and getting as much footage as I can. More posts coming! Keep following the trip at and follow @DaveCorn and @exceedpossible on Twitter! 

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