Saturday, 20 August 2011

Praising my Nite Watch: A Review

I've got a white strip on my left wrist, it's surrounded by a deep brown tan - where's this come from?!?! The answer is my Nite Alpha AL2 - why mention the tan? It shows I didn't take it off!

Paddling at night before setting a World Record, my Nite Glow Ring hanging off my PFD

I'm fortunate enough to be sponsored by watch company Nite Watches and they provided me with a tough little watch by the name of Alpha AL2. This watch was to be my time piece for my time paddling the Mississippi River this past month and a half; it would need to withstand the great heat, the water (submergence and splashes) and knocking against bags, paddles, stand up paddleboards and rocks!

I can honestly say that the watch has come back without a scratch and it's kept time extremely well, not needing to be changed during the 5 week expedition. The strap was extremely comfortable, even when I was sweating and sand and grit got underneath it - it also stayed on extremely well, you'd struggle to get a Nite watch to come off your wrist by accident! This watch, and I'm sure the rest of their extensive and varied range, could deal with a lot of adventure over long expeditions or a day on the hills!

What's the time? Nite time!

I'm very grateful to Nite for supplying me with a watch for the expedition and I look forward to a growing partnership. I can honestly highly recommend their watches, I'm not posting this to please a sponsor, I'm posting it to please adventurous souls looking for a decent watch at a great price!

Nite also provided me with a Nite GlowRing; another product of theirs using the same technology which makes watch dials glow in the dark, yet a glow ring can attach to anything that needs to be visible in the dark - it glows really brightly and came in useful in camp at night. Check them out at:

If you like this review, this blog and the sound of Nite Watches then please support Nite by checking out their website:, maybe buy a watch or two and also share my personal Nite page at:

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