Saturday, 13 August 2011

Memphis is nearly upon us!

We'll be in Memphis tomorrow...just 50 miles to paddle now and I'm done, I'll be flying home back to reality, third year of University and a dissertation. I've had the most incredible 5 weeks, paddling over 1,000 miles, seeing America as I'd not seen it before and learning a huge amount about expeditions and the life of an adventurer from Dave Cornthwaite.

3 days ago Dave and I broke the World Record for the Furthest paddled on a Stand Up Paddleboard in a day - this was incredible and a nice little side achievement to a great little expedition. We paddled 77.2 miles in 13 hours and 55 minutes - we were paddling in the dark by the end, head torches and Nite glow rings attached! We've paddled some other big days including 61 miles yesterday and 58 not long ago - the previous weeks of building fitness and endurance has obviously helped!

Paddling in to Memphis tomorrow we are being joined by a group of around 20 local paddlers to make the last 20 miles or so in to the city; this will be a great end to my trip and a great opportunity for Dave to spread the message even further and increase the following of the expedition all the way down to the Gulf. Once we're in Memphis I'll have until late Monday night/early Tuesday morning to finish off anything that needs doing, and hopefully see some of Memphis, before flying home!

I've got plenty of blog posts to come from this trip over the following weeks when I'm home, I'm also planning on writing a short e-book about my 5 weeks on the Mississippi River in the coming months - this will be good practice for a future of more and more writing, and hopefully all the readers here can enjoy it!

As a quick favour It would be great if you could follow Exceed Possibility on Twitter and Facebook and follow the remainder of Dave Cornthwaite's journey down the Missisippi by Stand Up Paddleboard on and his Twitter and Facebook. Thank you; more news and views on the end of the trip tomorrow.


  1. Definitely enjoyed your adventure!
    bill (Washington, DC)

  2. Amazing adventure! Looking forward to many more posts about the experiences and the meanings you discovered all along the way...

  3. What an incredible journey! I'll have to do something like that sometime!

  4. Thanks for all the comments guys, we've reached Memphis; I'll fly home on Tuesday and Dave will paddle on to the Gulf! It's been incredible and I've got plenty to write about it!



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