Monday, 6 June 2011

JL Childs Outfitters: White Water Rafting

This week on the JL Childs Outfitters blog I wrote about 5 of the Best White Water Rafting spots in the world. JL Childs is an up and coming adventure outfitters based in America, check out their website and the advert to the top right of the page to buy your own pair of very cool sunglasses - mine are on their way and I'll be sure to review them then!

White water rafting is carried out the world over on rivers that produce varying levels of white water, from gentle to extreme. Whilst this can be a dangerous undertaking many people can enjoy the thrill of rafting white water under the watchful eye of experts, from personal experience I can tell you that the thrill is like no other and well worth a try, wherever you are in the world....

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  1. I have to agree, white water rafting down the River Nile is so much fun - intense and exhilarating grade 4 and 5 rapids followed by long, gentle paddles down one of the world's great rivers.

    I see from your Twitter feed that you go to Newcastle Uni - so do I! Keep up the good work with your blog.


  2. Ye it's incredible isn't it. Cheers for commenting. Yep I'm at Newcastle, small world!


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