Friday, 3 June 2011

Adventure Story Evening

Today I left Uni having finished my second year, I moved out of my house for the year and drove home - it was BOILING, and the traffic was horrendous. Luckily I got home eventually, changed quickly and headed in to central London for the Adventure Story Evening.

There were three speakers tonight; Ian Couch, Inge Solheim and Dave Cornthwaite. Sadly I missed half of Ian Couch's talk on crossing Greenland but I saw the other two. Inge Solheim truly is an incredible person, he seems to have done absolutely everything in places across the world, as well as being an expert on Polar travel. It was also good to see Dave speak again as he's about to embark on his 4th expedition of over 1,000 miles (part of his Expedition 1000), luckily for me I'm joining him on a little over 1,000 of the miles down the Mississippi River this summer. I picked up some kit and had a good chat to him.

Sadly I was extremely tired from a long day so headed home before most. Good evening though - there's another one on the 4th August: Check out the Facebook group:

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