Saturday, 7 May 2011

Skiing down Lhotse

The adventure blog recently posted an incredible video about an expedition to Lhotse, next to Everest, in the Himalayas - three guys are going to climb to the top and ski down - mad!

The route down Lhotse that they are attempting has never been done before and proves to be quite an adventure. The video gives you a bit of information about the three guys taking on this adventure and wets the palette for more to come!


  1. I met these guys in both the Icefall and the Western Cwn and had a really great chat. They were really encouraging even though their expedition was much more hardcore than mine! Amazing guys, best of luck to them!
    Becky Bellworthy

  2. It's pretty extreme for sure! Will be incredible to see footage of the whole expedition.

    Thanks for commenting Bekcy, commiserations for your Everest expedition. I'm sure it was a great expedition to take experience and knowledge from for the future! All the best!


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