Thursday, 21 April 2011

A trip to the Royal Geographical Society

I became a member of the famed Royal Geographical Society a couple of months ago and made my first visit to the society headquarters in Kensington earlier today. The member roster is filled with incredible adventurers, explorers and geographers - three things very close to my heart. We saw the African Geographies exhibition then had a look around the building and enjoyed lunch in the boiling sunshine in the garden! I'm looking forward to attending some lectures in the coming months and immersing myself in the society further.

It was amazing to see rooms filled with paintings and busts of Shackleton and Scott among others; the building could use a bit of tender loving care (and their rubbish website) but it's amazing to be part of something that Mallory, Shackleton and Scott worked with. Below are some pictures we sneakily took (not sure if we were allowed!)

A Royal Geographical Society chair!

John Hunt (Everest 1953 Expedition leader) and the Everest model used in post 1953 lectures

Another corner of the map room

Captain Robert Falcon Scott

The building is extremely impressive and I look forward to my next visit soon. The Royal Geographical Society is steeped in history and its members have done so much for Geography and Exploration. 


  1. Very cool! I am reading Alfred Lansing's Endurance as we speak. You Brits have a great history of explorers, looks like it would be a very cool place to visit.

  2. Ye we're lucky enough to have had so many great British adventurers and explorers; there's so much history. Thanks for commenting!


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