Friday, 1 April 2011

I'm off to Iceland

Today (Friday 1st April) I'm flying off to Iceland! No this is not an April Fools! I'm spending a week out in Iceland examining the glacial landscape for university fieldwork! It should be a good experience, lots of fun and I should learn something!

While I'm away (until the 9th) there will be some automatically posting blog posts; mainly some cools videos and things for everyone to watch and enjoy!

I'd like to remind everyone to follow the blog on Twitter: - as of writing we have 783 followers!

Also I want to make you all aware of the Facebook page; please follow it!

I've also just seen a really cool new feature for blogger! It changes how you view the blog in several really cool and useful ways. type in follow by /view/ then either flipcard, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot or timeslide. E.g. - Enjoy!

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