Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Epic Tri

Two professional Adventure Racers completed what was called The Epic Tri late on Sunday night. They ran the Bob Graham Round, cycled John O'Groats to Lands end then kayaked the Devizes to Westminster; three of the hardest challenges within the British Isles without stopping. This really was an incredible challenge and one of the greatest completed within the UK, a huge huge achievement. Find out more on their website: http://theepictri.com/

Late on Sunday night I went down to Teddington lock, near where I live, to see them come past on their Devizes to Westminster leg of the challenge, mere hours before they completed this Epic Tri. I went down on my bike and cycled along side the river for a bit, took some photos, shouted some support and donated some money to their cause, Cancer Research. Below are some photos I took, they're probably best viewed if you click on them to see them bigger!

Speeding along to Teddington

The sun setting over Teddington lock

Arriving in Teddington just in time for the 8pm cut-off 

Leaving Teddington

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