Thursday, 24 March 2011

More young Britons going to Everest

Last Friday I spoke about Becky Bellworthy and Ed Farrelly, two young Britons with aspirations of climbing the tallest mountain on Earth! Today i'm going to tell you about two others; Mathew Thornton and Reuben Hutton.

Matthew Thornton

Matt Thornton, Ambassador for Climate Unchange, has set his sights on climbing Mt. Everest in 2012 after graduating from university this summer.Mathew will be one of the youngest Britons to have climbed Everest should he successfully summit next year; he's climbing via the North Col and is supporting the charity Global Angels. In July he's off to Kyrgyzstan to climb in the Tien Shan, aiming to summit Peak Chapayev, and in October he'll be climbing Baruntse. If you'd like to sponsor Matt or find out more then please check out this website and blog. and

Reuben Hutton

Reuben Hutton has also set his sights on the roof of the world, in 2013 he hopes to join the limited number of people to summit Everest and become one of the youngest Britons to do so. This Summer he takes one step further to Everest as he is going to climb Mt. Blanc - Reuben is looking for sponsorship for this climb so please get in contact if you're interested. In 2012 the plan is for Baruntse; there seems to be a trend of Young Britons aiming for this peak before taking on the highest of all. Other training includes a challenge on Cairnsmore of Fleet. Check out Reuben's site at and

It's great to see these four aiming high and already achieving awesome stuff. Please look further in to them via their websites; I'll try and get full interviews with a couple of them in the near future! If you're a young British adventurer then please get in contact and I'll let people know about you.


  1. Inspirational post and that is an adventure of a lifetime. Good to get it under the belt at a young age. That mountain gets taller as you get older...or so I am told.

  2. Yep they're destined for great things. Hopefully they carry on after their Everest attempts. Also, hopefully inexperience doesn't count too greatly against them. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Great post mate, really appreciate it. If there is one phrase I think is likely most important, although extremely clichéd: Everest lives on, but humans are mortal.

  4. Very true - good luck with all your preparations. Thanks for commenting!


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