Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Interview Tuesday: Lee Hughes

We haven't had an interview for a week or two so today's interview is extra special. Lee Hughes; adventurer, photographer and charity man talks to Exceed Possibility about himself, his adventures and his plan for the future. Lee has chased the travelling and adventure bug and has big plans for the future, check out the following Interview to find out everything you need to know about Lee Hughes!

1) Tell us a bit about yourself, where did your thirst for adventure start?

I got the travel bug early on after a few solo trips to places like India, Iceland and charity work in Tanzania. I planned then to go back to university and get a degree and take a gap year and travel more. However the idea of a round the world ticket didn't appeal to me anymore. The idea of spending hours on coaches and trains to vist tourists hotspots just didn't cut it. It wasn't until my girlfriend told me of a guy who cycled to Prague it hit me, I should do something like that! So after a internet search I was introduced to the world of adventure cycling. A few years later and here I am a few weeks away until I leave to cycle to New Zealand.

2) What's your upcoming adventure, what does it involve?

The first part of the trip involves me cycling to New Zealand. The second part is me reuniting with my girlfriend after 15 or so months and walking the length of New Zealand. After that it's off to Canada to paddle the River Mackenzie.

3) What charities are you supporting on your adventures?

I'm supporting ActionAid during this and hope to raise £10,000 for them. I'm also going beyond the traditional fundraising approach and i'm currently making a 5000 photo mosaic. This 5000 photo mosaic is being created via a £2 donation and a photo. Every 24 photos that are added the mosaic undergoes a re-build. The current stage of the mosaic can be seen here. The final image will be of the Bollocks To Poverty logo which is the youth project of ActionAid. I hope to create a piece of art that shows the support of 5000 people with the message bollocks to poverty while raising £10,000.

4) What is the Ephemeral Project?

The Ephemeral Project is many things. The basis of it is that life is ephemeral i.e it doesn't last so stop doing stuff you don't like and more things you enjoy. From a more selfish point of view I have an idea of the life I want to create and it helps me to keep focus about what I need to do by making it viewable to the public. It is aimed to inspire as well with ideas like reversed bucket lists and my free e-book giveaway. It is also planned to be my escape route from working the traditional 9-5 and one that I will hopefully turn into something big and something that I love to do while fulfilling other adventures or interests. Although this project has just been born I have big plans for it and i'm very excited to see what it could become.

5) What's the plan for the future - any other adventures and expeditions you want to take on?

Hard to say, I have to focus on what's in front of me at the moment and see how everything goes and see where I am when everything is over. I do have a strong attraction to the water though so maybe something ocean based in the future .

6) What makes you want to take on such large challenges, any inspiration?

General interest in what I can do really. Stories like Terry Fox blow me away and make me want to be a better person.

7) If you could go anywhere in the world and take on any challenge you wanted, where and what would it be?

Hard. There's so many options. I doubt i'd like to do a traditional challenge but something like paragliding over the Amazon down to the river and paddling down for a few weeks is something that makes me excited. Even sailing for a decent amount of time excites me. Tough question.

8) What will you miss while you're away?

Friends, family and fast internet.

Thanks to Lee Hughes for an insightful interview! Check out Lee's website, the Ephemeral Project and Bollocks to Poverty. Good luck on your journery to New Zealand - what an adventure! If anyone else wants to contact Lee then please check out his site linked to above and send him an e-mail of support. If you'd like to be interviewed then please e-mail me at contact@exceedpossibility.co.uk

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