Friday, 18 March 2011

Focus on Friday: Young Britons going to Everest

Two names have recently become known to me in the adventure world for their Record breaking attempts; one is the youngest person to summit Baruntse, and is aiming to climb Everest, and the other is attempting to become the youngest British Woman to summit Everest.

Becky Bellworthy is due to climb Everest this season but is having sponsorship issues; she hasn't got all the backing that she needs so if you can help please get over to her website and contact her! Becky will be 19 when she attempts to summit Everest this year, and with your help she can do it and break the current British record. Becky, like Ed below, has climbed Baruntse.

Ed Farrelly was originally going to attempt Everest this year but it looks like he will be climbing next year after complications on a training expedition to Aconcagua in South America. Ed has climbed Baruntse already and looks set to summit the highest mountain on Earth.


  1. Good luck to both, hang in!

  2. Thanks for commenting Sandy - yep good luck to both!


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