Friday, 11 March 2011

Focus on Friday: Mont Blanc

Having just got back from a Holiday and Skiing in the shadow of Mont Blanc, or Monte Bianco to the Italians, I thought I'd focus on the great mountain today. The French and Italian names both mean 'White Mountain' and are the title of the highest mountain in Western Europe with Mt. Elbrus in Russia being Europe's tallest - people often seem to think Mt. Blanc is taller!

The mountain sits between the climbing mecca of Chamonix and the town of Courmayeur; the two are joined by the famous Mont Blanc tunnel! The mountain is 4,810m/15,782ft high and can be seen below!

Mont Blanc from the air. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Mont Blanc was first climbed in 1786 and remains a must-climb for all climbers and mountaineers across the world allowing great views over the beautiful Alpine range. Hopefully I'll upload some of my pictures of the great mountain as soon as possible! I haven't personally been to the summit yet but am hoping to in the summer if I make it to the Alps.

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