Saturday, 26 February 2011

Terrorist Attack on Mt. Elbrus

Ski Lifts damaged in the attack

Europe's highest mountain has, on the 18th, been the target of a terrorist attack. Three tourists were shot as presumed Islamist Rebels opened fire in the ski resort on the famous mountain in Russia.

Mt. Elbrus, being Europe's highest mountain, is one of the Seven Summits and in turn a popular destination for climbers as well as skiers; I've been wanting to go to Elbrus for a while but the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has, for a while, recommended against travel to the area; I definitely won't be going any time soon. The Russian Envoy has now wisely stopped all tourism to the area. Considering this took place last Friday i'm surprised websites took so long to publish the news.

Find out more from the Telegraph, the Guardian and at UK Climbing

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