Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Interview Tuesday: Al Humphreys

Today I've been lucky enough to interview Al Humphreys, the British adventurer, author and motivational speaker who spent four years cycling round the world and has since embarked on a range of big and small adventures across the globe. Al encourages people from all walks of life to take their own adventures whether it is across the globe or a simple day trip and is happy to help anyone achieve their goals - a good role model for people like me wishing to break in to the adventure world and for those wanting to get up off the sofa!

1) What led to you becoming the adventurer Al Humphrey's that we know today?

Reading books, going on a gap year, and becoming curious as to whether I was capable of one of the great journeys I so enjoyed reading about.

2) What's been the most rewarding adventure you've completed to date?

Cycling round the world will take some beating.

3) What's been the toughest mental or physical challenge you've
undertaken to date?

Rowing to France with an injured soldier and being sick the whole way across was quite miserable!

4) What's your next big adventure or challenge?

If all goes well with sponsorship it should be a South Pole journey at the end of this year.

5) You're known for encouraging people to take their own adventures,
why do you feel so strongly about this?

Because I am not a special athlete, I am not particularly brave or tough. I just got lucky - lucky in that I decided to have a go at a big adventure. And to my surprise I was up to it. And I believe therefore that all of us are capable of more than we realise.

6) How will you go about encouraging these would-be adventurers?

I have decided to have a year of microadventures: see http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/2011/01/manifesto-2011/ 

7) What adventures would you suggest to someone starting out? Big or
small, what would you recommend?

Either! If you don't have much time or money do something small. If you have a glimpse of freedom grab at it and do something huge! Either way, just do something...

8) Who are your heroes and inspiration for the life you lead? Who do
you think is/was the greatest ever adventurer/explorer?

The greatest adventure must have been the journey to the moon. I also admire the men who launched across oceans without knowing what is on the other side. And also the Edwardian era of heroic polar explorers, such as Mawson, Bowers, Wilson, etc.

Thanks to Al for kindly agreeing to answer the questions; a good insight in to the life of an adventurer!

Check out Al's site at www.alastairhumphreys.com to find out more about his past and future adventures - I highly recommend his blog; some really interesting posts!

As ever i'm always looking out for people to interview so if you would like to answer a few questions and get a bit of publicity then please get in contact with me! I hope all the readers enjoyed the questions and answers, be sure to check out Al's site and feel free to comment about the interview here!

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