Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Gasherbrum II Summit reached in Winter!

According to news at UK Climbing the 8000er Gasherbrum II (8,035m) in Pakistan has been climbed this morning for the first time in Winter; the first of the 8000ers found in the Karakoram range to be conquered during the Winter months!

The successful climbers were North Face sponsored Cory Richards, Denis Urubko and Simone Moro who reached the summit by employing the famous Alpine style of climbing. This is an incredible breakthrough as any mountaineer will know that winter conditions are a lot tougher to contend with than those in the summer. A truly great achievement and I hope they get back to base camp safely in the day couple of days and enjoy their celebrations!

Thanks to UK climbing for bringing the news to my attention. Enjoy!


  1. remember they usually climb in Spring or Autumn, not Summer as it's the monsoon, also hotter weather & rain = meltdown = danger!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Thanks for the correction; said Summer but did mean anything non-Winter!




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