Friday, 25 February 2011

Focus on Friday: The World Tri

Reading The Adventure Blog earlier I came across a challenge I hadn't heard much about, The World Tri - A global triathlon starting at the River Thames and finishing at the roof of the world, the summit of Mt. Everest. Charlie Wittmack swam down the River Thames to France where he got on to his bike and has cycled towards Nepal and Mt. Everest. According to The Adventure Blog Charlie Wittmack is now running towards Everest, which he aims to climb later this year.

This really is an incredible adventure and such a tough challenge and I wish him the best of luck with the remainder of it; running and eventually climbing to the roof of the world. If that feat is achieved it will truly be an incredible accomplishment. Below is a video released by Charlie and his team on why he is doing it and more!

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