Friday, 11 February 2011

Focus on Friday: Ben Nevis

As most people will know Ben Nevis is the highest mountain the UK at the height of 1,344 m (or 4,409 ft); not terribly high compared to the mountains of Europe and beyond but still an incredibly impressive mountain providing a good walk and some incredible climbing all year round. The Scottish Highlands are a beautiful place and the last large area of wild space we have in the UK; hopefully they remain that way forever - wild and wonderful!

The South Face of Ben Nevis. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Located near to Fort William in the Scottish Highlands Ben Nevis is surrounded by a vast array of impressive looking mountains; the play ground for many adventurers in both Summer and Winter. Scottish Winter climbing is famous for some difficult routes, a lot of terrible weather and an awesome day out; all of which can be had on Ben Nevis.

Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis. Courtesy of Invergarry Lodge Website

Today's 'Focus on Friday' is about Ben Nevis as i'm off up in to Scotland to the great mountain itself in a matter of minutes. We're going to do one of the easier routes tomorrow and the plan on Sunday is to do Tower Ridge (shown above); the famous Alpine like ridge up to the summit of Ben Nevis - it looks incredible; hopefully the weather is alright! I'll report back on how it goes when I return; I also need to fill you all in on my recent Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge! Enjoy!

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