Friday, 4 February 2011

Focus on Friday: Adventure Blogs

I've been thinking lately about quality adventure blogs out there on the internet; some of which I read and some of which I don't! There are a lot of discipline specific climbing, kayaking, cycling blogs etc but seem to be very few regularly updated general Adventure blogs. I've got my favourites which I always read and I'll list them below for you but does anyone know any other regularly updates adventure blogs - they seem to be a small set to me; either they're rubbish or one of the amazing few!

My Favourites:

The Adventure Blog is my favourite out there - regular updates and news from the adventure world, well written and wide ranging!

Adventure Journal Online is one i've started reading recently - the updates seem to be sporadic apart from regular pictures but what is there seems to be good; awesome videos!

Extreme Adventure News has LOADS of updates and information on it; worth a read for sure; if there's something you want to know about the adventure world it will be on there!

Al Humphreys blog is the only Adventurers blogs that I read at the moment - it's regularly updated (rare for some reason) and what is there is really good!

There are a number of others I'll read but the above I'll visit religiously a few times a day. Any suggestions?


  1. Great, thank for sharing. I read all of those links too. It was really nice adventures post. It inspires.


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