Sunday, 27 February 2011

Europe's oldest view of Everest

Close to where I live is the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew; famous around the world for it's incredible Green Houses full of amazing plants and flowers. At the end of 2010 a drawing was found in their extensive archive; it shows the outline of Everest and it's surroundings - check out the picture below!

According to the experts this is the oldest European impression of Mt. Everest; it was drawn by Sir Joseph Hooker (formerly Director of Kew Gardens) in around 1848. Walter Hood-Fitch painted a version of the sketch in around1850; this was also found by the Royal Botanical Society.

This really is an incredible find; it highlights how people's interest in the Himalayas and the tallest mountain on Earth have gone on for so long and still do to this day. To find out more please visit the Kew Gardens website. It's currently on display at Kew so I'll be sure to go and check it out next time i'm around at home!

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