Sunday, 27 February 2011

An Adventure for the Summer

This June i'll finish my second year of University and i'm desperate to spend the summer out and about, taking as many adventures and challenges as possible. At the moment I've got a definite couple of weeks in the Lake District to look forward to and the Great North Run in September but I need to fill June and July.

A friend and I have been looking for an adventure holiday for early June and have come across a Trek in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco - A 6 day Toubkal Circuit ending in the ascent of the highest mountain in Northern Africa with Tour Dust; looks incredible and at a bargain price!

For July i'm hopefully joining Dave Cornthwaite for a period as he carries out his paddle down the length of the Mississippi River - i'll be providing support and just helping out where possible, hopefully getting out on the river itself as well as in a support vehicle.

I'd also like to fit in some climbing in the Alps with a couple of climbing friends who will be there with the Army and a wild walk across Scotland coast to coast in the Highlands has been suggested with another friend.

Has anyone got any suggestions, or if you've trekked in the Atlas Mountains any help or tips? What are your plans for the Summer, what adventures have you got planned? All the Best!


  1. I've done the trek+ascent in 4 very intense days.
    here map:

  2. Thanks for commenting Louis - looks incredible. We're thinking of planning it ourselves but not fully decided yet!



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