Tuesday, 4 January 2011

World Population to hit 7 Billion!

Whilst reading the adventure blog I came across a post linking to the National Geographic concerning world population - Thanks Kraig for bringing it to my attention!. The news is that the world population is going to reach 7 billion this year!

7 Billion people seems like an awful lot! The world isn't getting any bigger and our resources definitely aren't growing yet the world population is rising alarmingly! The environment is likely to be greatly impacted greatly as pollution levels rise; more homes will be required, more cars, more resources etc etc etc.

Whilst in India this Summer I spent a rather unhappy few days in New Delhi - I didn't like the city at all. It's the busiest, noisiest and most over crowded place i've ever been. India is leading the way with population rise and it seems more than busy enough already - what will Delhi be like in a few more years? Even more polluted and even more overpopulated; Delhi's contribution to global warming must be huge! Other parts of India are beautiful and I hope this remains the case.

I'm ever concerned about the environment and the rise in world population can only be a negative. Can anyone think of any positives of such a huge rise in world population? Let me know if you can! Below is the video also on the adventure blog but really good, I recommend a watch!

Courtesy of National Geographic

Hopefully we can do something to save our environment for the ever growing pressure we put on it through population rise! Obviously this post isn't about adventure but we need the outdoors to carry out our adventures! Please enjoy the outdoors and keep them healthy!

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