Monday, 3 January 2011

Walking Around the World

In 1974 Dave Kunst became the first person to WALK around the world. I stumbled across this site chronicling his adventure the other day, I'd never realised before that someone had actually managed to walk around the world. I read through the complete story and it truly is an incredible one. Kunst walked much of the route with his brother until they were attacked in Afghanistan where Dave's brother John sadly died and Dave was injured. After several months Dave carried on walking with his other Brother Pete, who later had to go back to work and left for America.

Later in the journey, whilst travelling alone, the mule pulling the trailer full of equipment and supplies gave up - luckily a woman drove by and offered to tow it as Dave carried on his epic walk (at this time across Australia). The two fell in love and having completed his journey when he reached Minnesota Dave returned to marry Jenni Samuel, the woman who had helped him cross Australia. Having completed such an epic journey Dave was later asked to carry the Olympic Torch in 1996.

A really amazing adventure and enthralling story - i'd recommend everyone check out the full account at the link above or the wikipedia page. Dave went from major lows to major highs as he lost his brother but found a wife on his epic journey - a journey that no man had managed before him. What made the journey even more remarkable was that during the journey money was collected for UNICEF from all across the world, met royals and had a scroll signed by all local officials in the places where they stayed and visited during the journey.

The route Dave Kunst took on his World Walk

In all Dave Kunst walked 14,450 miles over 4 years, 3 months and 16 days! An INCREDIBLE and inspiring adventure.


  1. wow - what an epic story! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ye what an incredible story! Thanks for commenting!

    Best Wishes,


  3. There have been a few people to walk around the world, or that are currently in the process. Each account is intriguing and inspiring. I believe that Peter Jennings, no..not the news anchorman, completed a walk around the world in the early to late 70's as well. His books of his travels have always been some of my favorites. I read them when I was 15-16, then rebought them and read them again this past summer.

    By the way, thanks for linking Extreme Adventure News to the Exceed Possibility blog!

  4. Hi Jason,

    I suppose any journey of length required to walk around the world is always going to throw up incredible stories! I'll have to look up Jennings as i've never heard of him i'm afraid - thanks for bringing him to my attention! No problem about the link :)

    Thanks for commenting, Best Wishes,



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