Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tour de....Scotland???

News just in on the BBC is that Scotland is bidding to host the 'Grand Depart' (start) of the world famous Tour de France in 6 years time, 2017. The stage will either be in Edinburgh or Glasgow and would be of great economic to whichever of the two it were ridden in. The Tour visits different countries every few years which brings even non cyclists out to watch on the streets - it's an amazing occasion that is always bound to attract thousands!

The Tour de France is one of the greatest physical challenges around; three weeks of intense riding through France, the Alps and the Pyrenees. I've always been a huge fan since the days of Pantani, Ullrich and Armstrong (when he was at his best!). The thrilling stages come in the mountains; I remember as a boy seeing a stage in the Alps and cheering Chris Boardman as he slowly trudge up and past me with his name clearly written by me and my sister in chalk across the tarmac (only thrilling for me as a Chris Boardman fan), on television I remember classic duels between Armstrong and Pantani in the mountains - one of the few times when you could call watching cycling on Eurosport exciting!

The tactics involved always provide a good watch and witnessing men pushing the limits whether it's climbing hard for Polka-dot Jersey points or sprinting to the finish line is incredible - for three weeks their bodies and mind are put through a washing machine of pain and emotion!

I think it would be awesome if the Tour was to visit Scotland - it's a beautiful country that would provide some incredible cycling, even if the weather is a bit rubbish! I'll keep you updated when I find out more about Scotland's bid for 2017! For cycling fans your next fix of spinning wheels can be found on the 16th of January when the Tour Down Under starts! Enjoy!

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