Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One Prince, Four Wounded Veterans, One Pole

Today the BBC has broadcast about the Four British Army Veterans, all injured whilst on tour in Afghanistan, planning to walk two hundreds miles over four weeks to reach the North Pole; dubbed Walking With the Wounded. This trip is to be unsupported; they would become the first amputees to achieve this feat!

The major news is that Prince Harry is planning to join the team for part of their expedition to the North Pole depending on Military commitments and the fact his brother is part of the most important wedding of the year! Yet again Prince Harry shows some guts, having served secretly in Afghanistan, but the focus should be on the incredible veterans who have recovered and trained enough to be able to attempt their trip to the North Pole!

There are plans for a documentary and book to be written about the expedition which aims to raise £2 Million for ex-service men and woman wounded in battle. Until the book and documentary you can keep up to date with the expedition and their success via their blog.

Their adventure begins in March of this year so keep your eye on their website and blog for further updates and how a Prince will cope in the harsh conditions approaching the North Pole!

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