Saturday, 15 January 2011

Metanoia - The un-repeated Eiger Route

I came across this incredible video on UK Climbing just now; it's about the pioneering, and hugely talented, climber Jeff Lowe. Jeff, in his heyday put up first ascents of incredible mixed climbing routes but has since been reduced to life in a wheel chair by a neurological disease. The video is narrated by the author Jon Krakauer, famous for the books Into Thin Air and Into the Wild among others.

Jeff Lowe and his team are currently trying to put together a film of his incredible life and are seeking funding for it; there's a ten minute video of preliminary footage and interviews that I have put below. Jeff famously climbed the North Face of the Eiger in 1991 via a new route which he named Metanoia - this route has never been repeated since; an incredible feat for a mountain that most climbers live to climb! Despite having been attempted by hugely competent climbers of today the route still can't be repeated - it shows how tough it is that a route can stand un-repeated for twenty years! What an incredible achievement.

Please give this incredible video a watch and, if you like it, go to Jeff Lowe's website where you can make a pledge to help Jeff and the team fund the feature length film. It would be amazing to see a film about one of climbing's greats and one of the greatest routes ever set. In the film it is said that the route will be attempted again (by Ueli Steck) to see if this incredible beast of a climb can be tamed - if anyone can then Ueli Steck is likely to be a good option!

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