Monday, 31 January 2011

Magnificent Monday: The Most Beautiful Mountains

For today's Magnificent Monday I'm going to look at the most beautiful mountains the world has to offer. There are varying lists across the internet with slightly varying mountains in slightly varying orders but here is an example of one Top 10 according to world interesting

The Matterhorn, the world's most beautiful mountain according to

On their list the Matterhorn is ranked number 1 with Mt Alpamayo and K2 coming second and third respectively! They misspelt Eiger which is a fairly major mistake but they have nevertheless included it in the list, there is also Ama Dablam in Nepal which iIve been lucky enough to see! Mt Meru in Tanzania comes in at number 10 - it's mere miles from Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Anyone climbed any of these mountains or got others to add to the list? Enjoy!


  1. Now that's a tough one. They are all certainly beautiful and each has its' own wonderful character. Sometimes, I think the 'most' beautiful one, is the one that is currently most elusive for me...

  2. I wrote a feature a few months back called 'the five most spectacular peaks in the Alps', Of course the Matterhorn was number one, but it was closely followed by Aiguille Du Dru, the Eiger, the Schreckhorn and Piz Badile.

    I've climbed the Eiger and one thing I can say about it is that no picture will ever do it justice.

  3. Hi guys; thanks to both of you for commenting!

    DSD you're right; mountains in general are beautiful things and an incredible sight when compared to the flat, uninteresting terrain we're normally surrounded with!

    Bryn there seem to be loads of different lists and opinions; to be fair it's hard to judge - so many incredible mountains and i'm sure the angle a mountain is seen from and how you see it also impacts how beautiful a mountain is! I saw the Eiger as a child on holiday near there and it truly is a beast!

    P.S Bryn - bought my first copy of AT mag the other day and loved your articles!

    Thanks again to both of you,

    Best Wishes,


  4. This is a bit of a late reply, but you're completely right about certain mountains looking better from different angles. Take the Matterhorn from the Italian side, nowhere near as impressive as the Swiss view.

    Glad you liked the mag Tom and keep up the good work with the blog.

  5. Exactly right! Thanks Bryn!


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