Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Great Himalaya Trail

The Great Himalaya Trail is a path following the Himalayan mountain range across the width of the beautiful country that is Nepal. On the website it says the trail took one man 162 days to complete over two seasons - due to weather and the changing seasons in Nepal it would be extremely difficult to do it non-stop over that kind of time as the weather would become too severe for travel. The beauty of the trail is that you can be flexible and do it when you want and how you want to do it; some have done the trail extremely quickly (see below).

This would be an incredible challenge and adventure to complete across a beautiful mountain range. The ten sections allow for a range of shorter walks that, added together, make the complete Great Himalayan Trail. For those with time restrictions walking one of the ten sections would allow the same enjoyment and incredible surroundings without committing to such a long and intense trip that would likely take half a year or more! Completing it all would be an incredible achievement whether it was in one go or over many years!

Sean Burch, at the end of last year, completed the trail across Nepal in an incredible 49 days! The record stands at 42 but the route used was less mountainous. One regret he had was not being able to take in the incredible surroundings while he pushed himself to complete three strenuous walks per day on his quest to complete the trail so quickly; I think i'd rather do it slowly over half a year to be able to enjoy it fully and soak up the atmosphere.

I'd love to do a part of this trail having had my first experience of Nepal and the Himalayas when I trekked to Everest Base Camp last Summer. Nepal is an incredible country and i'd love to explore more of it!


  1. Hi Tom,
    Small correction - Sean didn't take the high 'Great Himalaya Trail' all the way. That's not to detract from a great effort.
    If you fancy a run one time, try the Annapurna 100? It's just one day! ;)

  2. Thanks for commenting Rich! Annapurna 100 sounds a bit savage! Thanks for the correction! Best Wishes,



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